Decorating the home is the second most challenging task next to buying a home that you have longed for.  Home interior designing may be a hobby for some but is quite tough for most of us. In this blog, we are sharing some ideas with you that will make way for more thoughts in your mind regarding decoration concepts feasible for your living space. A design is complete only when all its elements are in sync.

Go Floral

If you are fond of colours and love a cheerful ambience then fabrics in floral patterns will be the most appropriate for your living room. Be it the window draperies, upholsteries or cushion covers; infuse floral prints in varying colour combinations ensuring that they do complement the surroundings.

Buy Fabrics Prior to Painting

It is wise to select the fabrics first for any room and then move onto painting the walls. In case, you have painted a wall red but it is quite possible that the fabric you choose might not complement it or is not available in that shade.

Retro Vibe

If you are fond of the retro style, you may include it in the decor of your living room. That old iron trunk of yours can be placed in the room as the centre coffee table with all your house cleaning supplies hiding in it.

Porcelain Power

You may buy or use the porcelain vases or potteries in that scintillating blue and white patterns that have been passed onto you by your previous generations. These have a charm of their own and add little details of colour to your room in an instant.

Telling the Time

Let your living room tell the time in a vintage way.  One of the walls can be used for displaying an antique clock with a giant dial. Other than adding character to your room, the watch will also keep you alert.


From neutral fabrics to striped curtains and from quaint to contemporary, there are endless ways of decorating your home in respect to its surroundings and space. So keep on exploring more ideas at


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